About the Artist

Meet Emily Robertson


Growing up, Emily looked forward to trips with her father to the neighboring town of Lacombe, Louisiana, where a bead shop and studio run by Choctaw artist Margo Rosas would inspire a lifelong love of jewelry making and provide Emily’s first collection of delicas and seed beads.


Since then, in her travels, Emily has sought out local bead shops, gem stores, and mines, amassing a large collection of unique and interesting finds. From raw turquoise rocks and trilobite specimens from the American Southwest to handfuls of scattered sea glass from the beaches of Hawaii, Venetian handmade glass beads from Italy, and authentic Bali silver, small treasures from a lifetime of curating find their way into Emily's work.


When not making jewelry, Emily can often be found working on music and singing with her band in New Orleans, rollerskating at the park, tending to her large collection of container plants, or cooking an elaborate meal and having wine on her porch with her closest friends and adorable dog, Mona.